About J2Gaming

J2Gaming was founded by two friends, Jeff and Jesse(hence the J2), that became tired of playing on servers with abusive/cheating admins. As admins we will never cheat, exploit, or use admin tools while actively playing in the server. We have a great group of people that are also heavily involved with moderating throughout the different servers. Without them helping us out the wheels would probably fall off! So please stay a while, and relax and play some games. Don’t be shy either, pop in Discord and chat with us, even if it’s just in the text channels. The Discord is very active and it is also the main form of communication for any changes, updates, or server info.

This server’s costs are funded by myself and through community donations, if you enjoy it here and wish to help keep it alive, please consider donating. All donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards server upgrades and equipment upkeep.